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Precision Laser & Waterjet Cutting of Up-Armor Kits for the Military Industry

There are few types of work more challenging or rewarding than providing equipment for American troops in battle. Early on during Operation Iraqi Freedom, it was determined that the standard armor plating of many military vehicles was unable to provide adequate protection for the troops inside. It was obvious to Army planners at the Watervliet Arsenal that a solution was needed quickly. To solve the problem, the Army needed to deploy thousands of up-armor kits to upgrade combat vehicles; the difficult part was not just the time frame, but the diversity of kit components.

The gravity of this project was not lost on our staff; we all knew that the lives of our troops were literally at stake. As soon as the contacts were cleared, we immediately ramped up our shop to 24/7 operations to produce the armor kits. Each kit included parts made from armor plate, structural steel, and aluminum, all of which had to be manufactured to tight tolerances with absolute quality to ensure a perfect fit and easy installation.

The project called for tolerances as tight as ±.003” and would require high volume output utilizing both our waterjet and laser cutting capabilities, as well as tapping. Our facility is equipped with systems that are designed to provide high throughput and precision; they include a TRUMPF CO2 laser cutter, a Flow Integrated Flying Bridge waterjet cutter, and a FlexArm Tapping system. Many of the armor kit components had call outs for tapped holes, which our FlexArm tapping system was able to provide flawlessly. All completed parts were also meticulously inspected, visually and dimensionally, prior to kitting and shipping. Our equipment combined with a highly experienced, dedicated staff gave us the ability to easily take on this project and see it through to successful completion. We produced thousands of kits with turnover times that ranged from two days to ten months.

At North Eastern Water Jet, we take pride in all the work that we deliver; however, given the opportunity to produce products that will save American lives, it is an honor as well as a duty. To learn more about this project, or any of our other capabilities, contact us directly.

Up-Armor Kits Project Highlights

Project Name & Description
Up-armored military vehicles to provide better crew protection throughout.
Capabilities Applied/ Processes
Laser Cutting
Waterjet Cutting

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
TRUMPF Laser Cutting System
Flow Integrated Flying Bridge Waterjet
FlexArm Tapping Machine
Overall Part Dimensions
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
Armor Plate, Structural Steel, Aluminum
Industry for Use
In Process Testing/ Inspection Performed
Precision Vernier Caliper
Visual Inspection
Thousands of kits
Delivery/ Turnaround Time
As required - ranging from 2 days to 10 months
Delivery Location
Watervliet, New York

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