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Laser & Waterjet Cutting of Gas Turbine Components for the Energy Industry

Fewer industries require more precision, faster turnover, or the use of more diverse materials than the energy sector. This fact is highlighted in the project shown here, where we produced a series of gas turbine replacements parts. Typically when we receive this type of order, the customer quickly realizes the type of quality and precision we are able to produce, and they begin looking for more products to send us. The diversity of waterjet and laser cutting, combined with our other finishing capabilities, make it possible to produce parts that would have normally been machined at a much greater cost with far longer lead times.

This project represents turbine parts fabricated from materials such as Inconel, Hastelloy, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and various alloys. It included runs of 1 to 25,000 pieces, with lead times that ranged from 1 day to 6 months, all shipped to various locations across the country. Part geometries and the required tolerances were no less diverse, from dimensions as small as 0.125" up to 119" and with tolerances as tight as ±.002". Production was carried out on our TRUMPF laser system and our Flow Integrated Flying Bridge waterjet. Post processing included chamfering and deburring when necessary.

At North Eastern Water Jet, we have a long history with customers in the energy industry who trust us to provide value, precision, and quick turnover times. Products that we have produced include various types of seals, locking plates, shim kits, orifice plates, diaphragms, and much more. The diversity of the services that we deliver positions us as a single source solution for many of our customers. In a typical project, we will provide material sourcing, CAD design, and end-to-end production, as well as comprehensive quality control and shipping.

To learn more about this project, or how our wide array of capabilities and skill sets can drive the cost out of your next project, contact us directly.

Gas Turbine Components Project Highlights

Project Name & Description
Replacement Components for Gas Turbines
Capabilities Applied/ Processes
Laser Cutting
Waterjet Cutting

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
TRUMPF Laser Cutting System
Flow Integrated Flying Bridge Waterjet
Overall Part Dimensions
.125" to 119"
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
L605, Hast X, 321, 309, 304, A286, 260 Brass, X-750, 3003, 5052 
Industry for Use
1 to 25,000
Delivery/ Turnaround Time
1 day to 6 months
Delivery Location

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