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Waterjet Cut Hexagon & Pentagon-Shaped Lighting Pieces for the Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball

At North Eastern Water Jet, we specialize in precision waterjet cutting that can enable a flexible, cost-effective solution for a wide range of fabrication requirements. Based in Amsterdam, NY, we’ve spent tremendous effort in crafting a quality reputation even with the most challenging of projects. It’s this kind of dedication to results that has allowed us to participate in some of the world’s most prominent material cutting and design projects.

We were recently contracted to deliver decorative hexagon and pentagon-shaped lighting pieces for the Times Square New Year’s Eve ball. This noteworthy project required us to put together a diverse set of skills while providing an enhanced level of precision and attention to detail. Our competence in advancing difficult designs with our waterjet strategies without delay was one major reason we were chosen as a participating fabricator.

The more than 150 pieces ordered were developed from aluminum alucobond, a composite, lamellar material that can easily separate if cut improperly or by inexperienced operators. We overcame this performance constraint by employing a flow-integrated flying bridge waterjet system, able to provide the needed cutting accuracy on the 4mm thick parts without damage. Held to a ±0.015" standard, all cutting dimensions were confirmed by a combination of visual inspection and caliper measurement.

Thanks to our persistent attention to detail and a wide range of background experience with nonstandard materials, we were successfully able to render this project. The complete manifest of parts was delivered under the contracted lead time of two weeks, allowing the large, high-profile project to be completed as envisioned. The customer was extremely pleased with our work and continues to use us for equally challenging fabrication projects.

For more information about our portfolio of completed work, or to learn about our primary and secondary capabilities, feel free to contact us directly.

Times Square New Year's Eve Ball Project Highlights

Project Name & Description
Decorative hexagon and pentagon-shaped lighting pieces for the Times Square New Year’s Eve ball in New York City.
Capabilities Applied/ Processes
Waterjet Cutting
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Flow Integrated Flying Bridge Waterjet
Overall Part Dimensions
Hexagon Module Back Panel: 4mm thick x 27.790" x 24.769"
Pentagon Module Back Panel: 4mm thick x 27.758" x 19.555"
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
Aluminum Composite Alucobond
Material Finish
Statuary Bronze
In Process Testing/ Inspection Performed
Precision Vernier Caliper
Visual Inspection
Hexagon Module Back Panel: 124 pieces
Pentagon Module Back Panel: 67 pieces
Delivery/ Turnaround Time
2 Weeks
Delivery Location
Yonkers, New York

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